Since 1894, bootmaker Massaro has welcomed an international clientele certain of finding original creations, footwear perfectly in tune with the spirit of the times and timeless pieces.

From its beginning, the house has created made-to-measure footwear for emblematic men and women of their era - Barbara Hutton, Elizabeth Taylor, Francesco Smalto, René Coty and Romy Schneider were all regulars.

At Massaro everything is possible: infinite variations of forms, colors and materials.

For its customers who don’t want to sacrifice style and elegance for comfort, the Maison has developed a department dedicated to orthopedics.

In 1957, Massaro developped the two-tone sandal for Gabrielle Chanel. Rejecting the stiletto heels that were in vogue at the time, Chanel advocated the small 6-cm heel; the beige kidskin upper lengthened the leg, whilst a black satin toe made the foot appear smaller. A style icon was born, and the two labels have collaborated ever since, especially after Massaro joined Chanel in 2002.

Season after season, the bootmaker has responded to Karl Lagerfeld’s creative demands with masterful skill. From transparent plastic pumps to bejeweled sandals, cork platforms and gaiter ankle boots to heels delicately adorned with pearls, each collection delivers footwear of dazzling refinement and innovative technique.

Official partner of the great couturiers, Massaro continues to stamp his mark on leading fashion shows around the world.

In the bootmaker’s Parisian workshops, craftsmen (last-makers, clickers, closers and shoe assemblers) now divide their time between couture and made-to-measure. One constant remains: the passion for a profession that demands precision and patience. From taking the initial measurements to adding the finishing touches, a lady’s model requires around thirty hours of work, while a man’s shoe needs nearly fifty.